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Jewellery Bust Displays are some of the most popular method to display jewellery for sale. They are especially useful for displaying necklaces, chains and smaller display busts can be used for bracelet displays. Display Busts are available in many different forms like leather, velvet, polished wood and platics. Lower priced display busts can be purchased and these may be made of materials to simulate the more expensive jewellery busts such as velveteen or leatherette finish busts. Display bust forms are the mainstay of many jewellers window display and display busts often take centre stage in large jewellery window displays.

Many display stands are available as well as jewellery bust displays

Other jewellery display busts, display stands and window displays

As well as the jewellery display busts there are many other forms of displaying jewellery and jewelry related products. Metal counter stands are a popular way to display impulse buy products at your point of sale counter. These can be simple metal racks or even plastic stands or more impressive displays such as rotating counter display racks.
Jewellery can be displayed in trays to good effect and for easy access to view samples. Ring trays can be obtained in all sizes from small trays that hold a couple of rings right upto large ring tray displays holding 144 rings or more. These can be of the type ring tray with clear plastic lid to enable viewing of stock while the rings are still protected with the lid closed. Some ring display trays are leather bound or leatherette style ring trays, others may have mock crocodile skin effect platic finish or at the top range ring trays made of polished wood.
Smaller items of jewellery can be displayed on small display stands finished in leather, velvet or their simulated counterparts. Pendant stands are popular as well as small stands to accept a pair of earrings displayed. Earring trees can also be used as effective jewellery display, these will have multiple branches to hang various earrings for an attractive stock display. Large stands like multiple and single tiered bangle stands are a good way to show precious metal or fashion bangles. These bangle display stands may have a single T bar type design or the larger forms or bangle stands display bangles with a tiered effect stepping up three or more levels.

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